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A world-class titanium company. This is what we aim for. Since 2008, we have been specializing in the production and sales of titanium and titanium alloy sheets/plates. We have 4 complete production lines of titanium and titanium alloy sheets and our annual output are 3,000 tons for various grades. In our factory of more than 38,000 square meters, we can provide cold-rolled products through veneer rolling with width of 1,250mm and thickness of 0.4mm. Our titanium alloy sheet can meet thickness from 0.5mm, reaching the industry-leading level. Welcome to contact us for more details!


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Because titanium is one of the most elastic metals in the world, cutting it is no easy task. The process of cutting titanium plates is further complicated due to their thermal reactivity. This means that it is impossible to cut titanium using conventional methods without changing its chemical composition. As an industry leader, Titanium Machina Center has extensive experience in the correct procedures for cold cutting of this metal using hydraulic metal cutting machines.


The Technical Team
Over decades of accumulated R & D capacities, we provides standard titanium products and a variety of solutions to customized titanium solutions for customers.
The Production Team
We have more than 18 years experience in titanium industry and is a specialist of titanium provider in marketing. The annual output of titanium and titanium alloy plates of various grades is 3000 tons.
The QC Team
Quality control ensures that customers' products arrive on time and in an orderly manner.Product inspection at various stages of the manufacturing process is part of good manufacturing quality control.
The Business Team
Professional business team will connect with you to ensure that your requirements are accurately conveyed with no mistakes.
Provide quality products and considerate services that perfectly meet the customers' needs and expectations.
Humanistic Company
We take each employee's personal development into consideration and are willing to offer assistance.
Team Work
We work as a team, constantly learn from others' strengths and complement our own weaknesses.